Botswana is situated in Southern Africa, and is roughly the size of France or Kenya at 581 730 km2. It has an population of about 1,5 million, one of the lowest population densities in Africa. About 80% of Botswana consists of Kalahari sands and most of the roads travelled on within the Game Reserves requires a 4x4 vehicle.
The rainy season is between September and April, with the most intense rainfalls during the months of December-February. The temperatures from October to March can go up to 44 Degrees Celsius, and during that time it will be very humid and malaria precautions have to be considered.
Moremi is unique in a few ways, as it is the first Wildlife sanctuary created by an African tribe, namely the BaTawana. It was first established in 1963, and over the years that followed more land was added on including Chief's island.
The Reserve is named after Chief Moremi III and his wife, as Mrs Moremi governed the BaTawan tribe at that time, as her son Matiba was to young to rule.
As recently as 1991 the total area has been further enlarged by adding the triangle between the Nqoga and the Jao Rivers in the North Western corner of Moremi.

The Moremi Game Reserve is situated within the Okavango Delta.
Chobe Game Reserve offers extreme contrast and an variety of wildlife experiences within the confines of one Park. From almost tropical habitat to dessert-like landscape of the Savuti, and to the lush Chobe flood plain grassland.
The Mababe depression is an place not to be missed, as well the Savuti Marsh, were many herds of grazing Zebra's and wildebeest can be seen in the raining season.

The Chobe Game Reserve came into existence in the 1960s. In 1962,the first warden Mr Pat Hepburn was appointed.
Many possibility's are available, from overland Safari's to Fly-in Safari's or combined.
As an general rule, on the Safari's we offer, all will be included. Namely:
-    Accommodation.
-    3 meals a day.
-    Game drive activities. (open vehicles)
-    Flights to Lodges that are not accessible by road.
-    Drinks. ( only when staying in Lodges)
We recommend the fly-in option to Maun airport, and from there travel to various Lodges within the Moremi Game Reserve and the Okavango Delta, or a combined adventure of flying and driving to get the most out of your holiday.
Other possibility`s are to start in Maun, and travel through to Chobe Game Reserve via Savuti, and ending up in Kasane, from where the return flight can be taken.
Please note that prices for Botswana will be given, the moment the itinerary is known for the tour that is requested by you. As there are to many price differences in tours offered. It will be quoted in $ US.
Charter planes being used for access to various remote area`s, like the one shown here or similar
Chobe Game Lodge Bedroom