(Acinonyx jubatus)
: Jagluiperd
: Ihlosi
Shoulder Height
Mating season
Life span
: 91-120 cm
: Males 55 kg, Females 45 kg
: about 13 weeks; breed throughout the year - 3 cubs (can be 1 - 8)
: Any time of the year, in East Africa it peaks in March-May.
: 15 - 16 years
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A female with cubs will kill almost every day, providing only about 5kg of meat a time.
When cubs are born, they move about on their own after about 6 weeks, and accompany their mother on hunting trips. They suckle for about 6 months.
Cheetah cubs are sexually mature in 2-3 years and fully independent in about 1,5 year. They can hunt in groups of 4 or more.
A lone Cheetah cannot kill a prey larger then it self, but Cheetah's, who hunt in groups, can bring down a prey as large as a young Giraffe or Buffalo.
When hunting, their explosive yelps can be heard 1,6km away. 4 Cheetah's together have been known to consume a 50kg Impala in just 15minutes, leaving only skin and bones.
Cheetah's range over large territory's (80 sq. km). Cheetah's cannot detract their claws.
They can reach a speed of ± 100km/hr, and 120km/hr has been recorded.
Their tail act as a ruder, and tip of tail fans out at speed. They only run at top speed for a short distance, as they will overheat quite easy.
Males and females only come together to mate, and male will stay only a short period with the female after the mating period.