: Kameelperd
: Ndhlulamithi

Life span
Mating season
: Males up to 5 meters, Females 4,6 meters
: Males up to 1500 Kg, Female lighter
: about 15 months, 1 calf, about 95 kg and 1,80 meter height
 Calf suckles for 10 - 17 months
: ± 25 years.
: Any time during the year, but liked to be timed
A Giraff whilst drinking is vulnerable.
Females give birth every 17-20 months. Giraff's are sexually mature at 3-5 years.
Females often return to the traditional calving ground to give birth. Because of their height, they can eat longer than other animals in the dry season.
Due to the height, it's heart can pump 60 liters of blood a minute. When bending forwards, their heart rate slows down to reduce the pressure of the blood moving to their head, and will be helped by restrictions in the arteries just under the skull.
Because of the difference in height of the male and female, they don`t have to compete for food.
Their horns grow already in the womb, but are soft when giving birth. The bump often seen on their forehead, is called the median horn, and in some part of Africa developed into a horn as well.
They can reach a speed of 50km/hr. They are able to half digest their food (ruminants) and bring it back into the mouth (regurgitate) for rechewing.
They can spot danger  (like lions) at a distance of 2 km