Umfolozi / Hluhluwe Park is situated in the north-eastern part of
Kwa-Zulu Natal, and consist of 96000 ha of unspoiled habitat of many of South Africa's animal species.
The Reserve had its start in 1895 and is one of the oldest game reserves in South Africa. The two reserves Umfolozi and Hluhluwe have been joint together by an other section of land that previously separated the two reserves, which is called "The Corridor" in 1989, and since that time free movements of wildlife is now possible within the combined "Park".
If one walks on the many trails that are led by experienced Game Rangers, within the reserve, it is not unusual to come across evidence that indicate that the Zulu nation occupied the area in the time of "King Shaka", as grinding stones used by the Zulu woman sometimes are found, and pointed out by the proud Zulu Game Guard.
The Umfolozi section, in the south, is the bigger part of the reserve, and
includes the "Wilderness area" that only can be entered on foot or on horseback. It is also the more drier part of the reserve, as Hluhluwe in the north has slightly more rainfall as it is situated on a higher altitude.

Hluhluwe as mentioned is very hilly and the vegetation is more dense due to the higher rainfall, and is the smaller section of the park.
The reserve in its entirety is the most successful breeding ground in the world of the two Rhino species, both the black and the white Rhino.
One Day Safari's:
Departing from your accommodation at 05h30, you will enjoy a full day's game viewing in Natal's biggest game reserve. Breakfast and a barbeque lunch (braai) including drinks, are held at the river side. Back in Durban at approximately 20h00.
Overnight Stay Safari's:
Departing from your accommodation at 08h30, you will visit the oldest established game reserve in South Africa. This was once the ancient hunting grounds of traditional Zulu Kings. A full day's game viewing on each day will increase the likelihood of viewing the "Big Five" in their natural environment. Breakfast, lunch and a barbeque (braai) supper are included on each day, with the remainder of the evening spent reminiscing over the day's excitement while sitting around an open campfire and listening to the sounds of the night.
"Wilderness trails" are available in the Umfolozi Game Reserve for a 2 night, or a 4 night option. They start in a base camp, on the border of the wilderness area, and you will sleep the first night in "Out of Africa" tents built on wooden platforms.
The 2nd and 3rd night will be spend in the bush under the stars, (if weather permits), or in tents that are supplied, and carried by donkey's. The 4th night back in the base camp.
If a 2 night option is requested, sleeping possibilities will be either in the base camp, or depending which trail is taken, in one of the satellite camps. At night each member of the party has a duty to stay awake for 2 hours to guard over the group that sleeps around the fire.
Cooks that prepare the food, and armed Game guards accompany the group.
Brief History and Location: