ZEBRA TOURS was established in 1990 out of passion for the African Wild life.
We are not bound by a fixed time schedule, thereby offering you a time-flexible, relaxed and friendly atmosphere on both tours and safaris. And because it is a family business, you can be guaranteed of our commitment to deliver the dedicated service you demand - the one you'll be getting!
Many people return from their holiday feeling completely exhausted. We would like to assist you in having a holiday from which you return feeling refreshed.

Because of the distances one need to travel between certain reserves, one often travels most of the day, arriving at your destination in the late afternoons tired and rushed. It is often misunderstood by travel agencies/operators abroad, the vast distances required to travel from one destination to the next here in South Africa.

For that reason we like to stay at least 2 nights in one place before moving to the next if required. If you, as a potential customer/client, prefer to travel only 3-4 hours a day, kindly advice us accordingly, so we can meet your demands.

* We offer various vehicle options which includes Range Rovers, Micro Buses as well as Sedans
* Departures and return times to and from your accommodation are pre-arranged to suit your
* To avoid disappointment, all trips involving an overnight stay should be brought to our attention as
   long in advance as possible so we can arrange the booking
* Specialist trips for bird watchers, hunters and wildlife photographers etc. can be arranged by
* A deposit of 50% is necessary if safaris involving an overnight stay are required
* Should you prefer a self drive tour/safari we can assist in itineries and booking of accomodation in
    various Game Reserves including 4x4 hire and GPS
If required, tours and Safaris can commence directly from the airport. So there is no need for extra hotel costs in the city.
Do you need a holiday after your holiday?