The walking safari's are conducted with an armed Game Ranger. No roads are followed, and we will make our way through the bush using the paths made by the animals, or we take a route that is suitable for us to use.
The aim of the walk is to have that close encounter with wildlife, and to feel part of nature in general. The walks are conducted in a pace, that is relaxed and comfortable, and there will be always time for a rest, and a time to ask questions about the things you will encounter.
It is not impossible to come across many of the animals that are part of the "Big five", and the feeling you get when confronted by a Lion or Elephant, is an experience you will never forget.
Those walks will be always included when accommodation is booked in a Bush-camp or Bush-lodge, in other type of accommodation it will be an added excursion you can decide, and will be an extra cost.
As an addition to the walking safari, there is a "Wilderness trail" available in the Umfolozi Game Reserve.
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"Wilderness trails" are available in the Umfolozi Game Reserve for a 2 night or a 4 night option.
They start in a base camp, on the border of the wilderness area, and you will sleep the first night in "Out of Africa" tents built on wooden platforms.
The 2nd and 3rd night will be spend in the bush under the stars, if weather permits, or in tents that are supplied, and carried by donkey's.
The 4th night back in the base camp.
If a 2 night option is requested, sleeping possibilities will be either in the base camp, or depending which trail is taken, in one of the satellite camps.
At night each member of the party has a duty to stay awake for 2 hours to guard over the group that sleeps around the fire.
Cooks that prepare the food, and armed Game guards accompany the group.
Male lion (Panthera Leo)
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Rhino is getting real close
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Encountering White Rhinoceros